Come to Canada for Training

Southern Interior Flight Centre is experienced in providing training to international students from around the world. Switzerland, India, China, Japan, France, Mongolia, Germany and the United States are a few of the world regions who have recently used our training expertise to create successful pilots.

The Transport Canada licencing system is well known around the globe, and is one of the easiest to convert to other country licences. The high standard of training and excellent record auditing by Transport Canada ensures that Canadian Flight Schools produce well-trained individuals with honest credentials.

Visa Applications

Each country has its different processes for VISA and Study Permit Applications, so we urge you to seek assistance from Citizenship and Immigration Canada prior to travelling to Canada. Okanagan College can also help students who are entering the Commercial Diploma Program.

International Applicants for Flight Training

International students who wish to receive Commercial Pilot training can ONLY apply to our Commercial Aviation Diploma program offered in conjunction with Okanagan College.

If you are an International applicant who wishes to enter the Commercial Aviation Diploma program, check out the Okanagan College Web Site Here for assistance offered to International students.

Want to work for us when you're done?

SIFC accepts applications from Commercial Aviation Diploma program graduates who wish to become instructors, as long as the graduate is legally entitled to work in Canada.

Do you already have an international licence?

SIFC can help you convert your international licence to a Canadian Licence. Due to the differences between licences issued around the world, please contact Transport Canada, General Aviation, Personnel Licensing at (613) 990-1056 to find out what you will need to do to convert yours. Once you have a Canadian or ICAO medical and know which items will need to be completed to convert your licence, we can provide the training necessary to have it completed.

General licence conversion information for other international licences can be found on the Transport Canada web site HERE.

NOTE: Our only program that supports study permit / visa applications is the Commercial Aviation Diploma program. We cannot provide letters of support or enrolment to assist in study permit applications for licence conversions.