Get A Flying Start!

Give us a call and book your Free Day on Us! That's right, we're giving it away!

Let's face it, flight training is costly and requires strong dedication. We want you to make sure you fully understand the committment you will need to make. You will also want to see everything we have to offer, and exactly what makes us different from the other schools.

During your Free Day on Us you will:

  • Sit in on a ground school class
  • Fly a simulator
  • Visit with other students
  • Speak to industry pilots if they are present at SIFC
  • Ask our instructors and administration staff as many questions as you want



Already tried our Free Day on Us?

Try our discounted Disco Flight. Put yourself at the controls of one of our aircraft for 30 minutes.

If you are lucky we might even send an instructor with you!



We also offer a week-long summer camp for kids through Okanagan College twice each year. It's called Flight Academy!

Click Here for Okanagan College Camp OC