Instructor Rating

The Instructor Rating is a great way to start your piloting career, or give back the knowledge you have gained in the industry. If you are just beginning your career, the Instructor Rating is an excellent way to build flight time and contacts for your network. While instructing can be very challenging, there is gratification in making successful pilots out of your students. 

At Southern Interior Flight Centre, our top commercial graduates start as flight instructors, build hours and go on to fly with major airlines. 


You can start at any time. We provide online ground school and guided self-study to meet the requirements of the rating. The flight and simulator training is done in conjunction with your schedule.


The Instructor Rating allows you to train ab-initio students for the PPL and CPL programs. After you receive your rating, you start off as a Class 4 Instructor operating under heavy supervision at a flight school. As your experience builds you move up to a Class 3 Instructor, requiring less supervision. Successfully complete the required exams and instructor experience and you will move up to a Class 2 rating allowing you to supervise instructors and hold the position of CFI (Chief Flight Instructor). Reach Class 1 and you can then train instructors.


Medical Category 1
Licence Commercial Pilot Licence
Age As required by the applicable licence held

You can begin Flight Instructor ground school training without the CPL if you have completed the CPL written exam, but you may not start your instructor Flight training until you hold the CPL Licence.


Total Flight Time: 30 hrs Dual
Flight Test Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplanes Flight Test
Ground School 25 hrs
Written Exam 70% Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplane Class 4 (AIRAF)

Expanded explanations of the Instructor Rating prerequisites and training requirements can be found at the Transport Canada web site Here.

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*PTIB Approved.