Night Rating

The Night Rating builds on the knowledge you have learned in your Private Pilot training, and allows you to fly an aircraft under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) at night.


You can start at any time. We provide guided self-study to meet the requirements of the rating, as ground school is not required, or you can have one of our instructors tutor you as necessary. The flight and simulator training is done in conjunction with your schedule.


The Night Rating allows you to fly your aircraft with all of the privileges of your Private Pilot Licence, but at night as well. This means that you don't have to cut your travels short or spend the night if you can't make it home by sundown. The Commercial Pilot Licence comes with a night rating included.


Medical Category 3 or 1
Licence Private Pilot Licence
Age As required by the applicable licence held
Language Aviation Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) - Operational or Expert


Total Flight Time: 20 hrs, including:
5 hrs Dual night (2 hrs cross-country)
5 hrs Solo night (10 takeoffs, circuits and landings)
10 hrs Dual instrument
Flight Test Demonstrated Skill on Qualifying Flight
Ground School Self Study
Written Exam Not Applicable

Expanded explanations of the Night Rating prerequisites and training requirements can be found at the Transport Canada web site Here.

*PTIB Approval not required.