Carson Group of Companies
Safety Policy

Senior Management Commitment and Intentions:

As President and Accountable Executive, I, Kevin Carson, accept the ultimate responsibility for all aspects of safety at the Carson Group of Companies, including Carson Air, Southern Interior Flight Centre and the Kelowna and Abbotsford Shell Aerocentres. 

We, the management, flight crews, flight instructors, administration, and ground crews at the Carson Group of Companies, pledge to consider safety over all other factors in all risk management processes.

Establishing Safety as a Core Value:

Safety is a core value of this company:  We believe in providing both a safe and healthy environment for customers and employees.  Commitment to safety and accountability for safety will be shared by all employees and management.

Setting of Safety Objectives:

The goal of our safety program is to be proactive in identifying risks and hazards, eliminating injury to persons and damage to equipment.  To attain this goal, we will actively analyze our operation for potential hazards and search for ways to minimize them.  We will report all hazards, occurrences, incidents, and accidents.  We will document our findings and responses.  We will train employees in safety management and safe work practices.  We will hold regular safety meetings and maintain a working Safety Management System. 

Responsibility for the Safety Program:

Employees at all levels of the company are required to adopt the standards and procedures set forth in the Company's Safety Management System.  This includes adopting safe work practices and reporting all hazards, occurrences, incidents, and accidents. 

Non-Punitive Reporting Policy:

To increase our safety culture within the Carson Group of Companies, employees are required to report all safety issues and must be aware that we offer a Non-Punitive Reporting Policy.  No disciplinary action shall be taken against any employee who acts to prevent an injury or occurrence or who reports any accident, incident, safety issue or hazard.  Safety issues resulting from wilful negligence, criminal intent or use of illicit substances may result in disciplinary action.

Kevin Carson
President and Accountable Executive