Flight training requires a major time commitment and good financial planning. At SIFC ground school must be paid for as a lump sum, as well as your books. Our self-paced programs allow you to pay for your flight and simulator training as you go. This allows you to space out your fees based on your financial position. Unfortunately we can not offer credit for our services.


Southern Interior Flight Centre has been registered with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada since 1973 - HRSDC file 7009/1587. Our institution qualifies for the use of RESPs. Our listing at HRSDC is found HERE.

Canada Student Loans    

Persons taking the Commercial Aviation Diploma program may qualify for Canada Student Loans. Check out the Okanagan College Financial Aid site or the Student Aid BC site.    

Jazz Aviation Pathways Program Awards    

Jazz Aviation offers two financial awards each year to our first-year Commercial Aviation Diploma students who meet the criteria.
-The Jazz Aviation Pathway Award for Professionalism, and
-The Jazz Aviation Pathway Award for Professionalism and Diversity

Each award is $3000.00.  Jazz Aviation Pathways Program.

Employment Benefits and Support Measures

Our self-paced programs qualify for HRDC funding through training programs for unemployed individuals. Information is located on the HRDC Site.
Even if you have been self-employed, there are programs you may qualify for through HRDC.

Student Lines of Credit

Various financial institutions provide personal loans and lines of credit.

Assistance for Women in Aviation

The Ninety-Nines, Inc. offers a West Canada Section Scholarship Award. Check out the Ninety-Nines site here.

Canadian Women in Aviation also offers scholarships.

Air Cadets

A great way for students to get their start in aviation is through the Air Cadets. Successful candidates obtain their Glider and Private Pilot Licences at little to no cost. 

BC Aviation Council

BC Aviation Council members recognize the financial pressures faced by students pursuing studies in aviation and aerospace, and the BCAC provides scholarships and awards for students on an annual basis.


Canadian Owners and Pilots Associations offers scholarships for flight training.


Northern Air Transport Association provides the Kenn Borek Memorial Scholarship.

General Scholarships

You should also check with your local schools to see if scholarships and bursaries are an option.