Our aircraft are safe, forgiving, well maintained vehicles ideal for your training needs. They range from the most basic with older avionics you may encounter in your first job, to four of the newest, most advanced glass cockpit training aircraft in British Columbia. Even our multi engine aircraft has 'partial glass' with a Garmin 650 Touch-Screen GPS and other avionics coupled to the Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator.

Cessna 172 (5)

Our fleet of Cessna 172 aircraft are above the industry training standard, with four of ours completey loaded, including leather seats and Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit avionics suite. GSFC

Beechcraft Duchess (BE-76)

This is the ideal multi engine trainer. It provides a great combination of safety, performance and favorable handling characteristics, along with low operating costs, making it an affordable training aircraft. This aircraft has a Garmin 650 Touch-Screen GPS coupled to a slaved EHSI, making it a partial glass panel aircraft. It's great for practicing GPS (RNAV) with WAAS and LPV, NDB and VHF (VOR/LOC/ILS) approaches. BE76

Aircraft Equipment

All of our aircraft and simulators are equipped with everything from basic flight instruments to the most advanced, Touch-Screen GPS navigation systems.

GSFB G1000

Strong Backing and Support

One of the key things that sets us apart from other schools is the financial backing and support we gain from being linked to a large operational air company. For maintenance and safety, absolutely nothing is spared.