The Private Pilot Licence is the perfect solution for people who want to be able to rent or own an aircraft to take friends and family flying.

Southern Interior Flight Centre's Private Pilot Licence is an exciting opportunity for you to obtain a Private Pilot Licence on you own schedule! If you are confined for time, or need to stretch out your training for financial reasons, this is the right program for you.

This is also the first step for those starting their Self-Paced Commercial Licence or Commercial Aviation Diploma Program, as a Private Pilot Licence is a prerequisite.


You can start at any time as evening ground school runs in rotations. Even if you have completed your licence, you can still attend ground school classes for up to a year to refresh your skills. The classes are small in size, maximizing instruction and time spent with each student.


The basic Private Pilot Licence is valid for flight anywhere in Canada and the United States, with a single engine aircraft during day, VFR conditions. You can take as many people as the aircraft can safely hold.The Private Pilot Licence also allows for you to add on your Night Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, Float Rating and Instrument Rating.


We also offer an accelerated Private Pilot Licence Summer Ground School Camp to allow you to obtain the necessary PPL ground school in less than two months. The camp requires full-time attendance (Monday to Friday mornings) for July and the first half of August. We do recommend that if you need to be done your PPL (including the flight training) before the end of August, you should start training early using the regular self-paced program and we can roll you into the summer camp once it starts at no extra charge in order to help get your ground school finished.


Medical Category 3 or 1
Age 14 years old to hold the Student Pilot Permit
17 years old to hold the actual Private Pilot Licence upon completion
Language Read and Write English

You can start your training before completing your medical, but we suggest you do the medical first to make sure there are no issues that would preclude you from holding the Student Pilot Permit or actual permit, licence or rating once you are done.


Total Flight Time: 45 hours, including:
17 hrs Dual (3 hrs cross country, 5 hrs instrument)
12 hrs Solo (5 hrs cross country, 150 NM flight)
Flight Test Private Pilot Licence Flight Test
Ground School 40 hours
Language Aviation Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) - Operational or Expert
Written Exam 60% Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplane (PPAER)

Expanded explanations of the PPL prerequisites and training requirements can be found at the Transport Canada web site Here.

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