Planning Tools and Assorted Information

Weather Information
  SIFC Flight Training Operations Manual Kelowna Weather Radar
  Kelowna Weather Cam
  My WX Data
  Salmon Arm Airport Camera
  Required Pre-Flight Weather Merrit Airport Camera
  Windytv Nelson Pilots Cameras
  EarthWindMap Castanet Weather Cameras
  BC Highways Cameras Flight Radar 24
  NEW - NavCanada CFPS System  
  Note:  Ensure you check the date and timestamp on weather cameras for validity and make sure you know where they are pointed.  SIFC assumes no responsibility for their accuracy or use.
Operational Tools
  Motion Induced Blindness Demo CAD PPL Syllabus
  First Year First Semester Syllabus
  First Year Second Semester Syllabus
VFR Nav Log Second Year First Semester Syllabus
IFR Nav Log Second Year Second Semester Syllabus
Pre-Flight Data Sheet - Single Engine Low Visibility Takeoff Airport Requirements
  Pre-Flight Data Sheet - Multi Engine BE76 Panel Photos Flight Lab Trip Exercise
  Garmin 495 Manual Resume/CV Tips
  Garmin 495 Quick Reference Garmin 650 Simulator - REVISED Mar. 2019
  Time Off Request G1000 Simulator Download
  July August 2019 NOTAM Video Garmin 400 / 500 Simulator Download
Transport Canada / Industry Canada
  Robyn's PSTAR Study Guide
  Ground and Inflight Icing Training
  Radio Certificate Study Guide