Private Pilot Licence Training During the Commercial Aviation Diploma Program

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) training during the Commercial Aviation Diploma program provides an opportunity for students to obtain their PPL while enrolled in a post-secondary institution. Students will attend two AVIA ground school classes, twice per week, for four hours each, and complete flight and simulator training towards issuance of the PPL.

Typical Schedule*

  • AVIA 104 Introduction to Aviation Theory: Wednesday and Friday 1200 to 1400
  • AVIA 105 Aviation Language Proficiency: Wednesday and Friday 1400 to 1600
  • AVIA 106 Pilot Skills Lab I: Flying and Simulator Training as required Monday through Sunday each week, plus attendance to a Flight Lab Thursday from 1900 to 2100
  • AVIA 107 Pilot Skills Lab II: Flying and Simulator Training as required Monday through Sunday each week

There are no BUAD classes for the PPL portion of the program.


  • AVIA 104 and AVIA 105 are conducted at Southern Interior Flight Centre at the Kelowna airport.
  • AVIA 106 and AVIA 107 consist of flight training at Southern Interior Flight Centre, simulator training at both Southern Interior Flight Centre and Okanagan College, and Flight Lab Thursday evenings at Okanagan College

Pricing Clarification*

Pricing quoted on the Commercial Aviation Diploma web page does NOT include the PPL training.  Okanagan College can provide up to date cost estimates, but as of writing this page the current additional cost for the PPL training is $20,000. So if the PPL is added to the current Commercial Diploma estimate of $68,000, the total would be $88,000.

*Note: Schedules and pricing subject to change.

Targets for the PPL program

January through April:

  • complete all ground school instruction required for issuance of the PPL
  • complete the PSTAR pre-solo exam
  • complete the Restricted Radio Operator Certificate - Aeronautical
  • complete the PPAER Written Exam
  • complete 10 hours of dual flight instruction

May through August:

  • complete all necessary flight and simulator training
  • complete the Private Pilot Licence Flight Test
  • apply for the Private Pilot Licence

Free Time

Although the PPL training appears to provide a significant amount of free time, students should plan on spending at least 3 to 4 hours preparing through self-study for each hour in the aircraft, simulator or class. Students may be able to hold a part time job during this portion of the program, however we will need a copy of the student's schedule prior to the start of each month in order to make the appropriate flight and simulator bookings; employment options should be kept quite flexible to ensure they do not interfere with student availability for the necessary lessons. May through August will require the student to be available for increased flight and simulator training which can be scheduled during available daylight hours, up to seven days per week.

Free Time Comparison to the Commercial Portion

Once the Commercial portion of the Program starts in September, free time becomes very limited as the students have to be available for flight and/or simulator bookings seven days per week,  They will also be attending two BUAD courses at Okanagan College each semester, in addition to the AVIA course load.

Please consult the Okanagan College web site for the Commercial Aviation Diploma at: